Aliens Xenomorph Super Deformed 12-Inch Plush

Aliens Xenomorph Super Deformed 12-Inch Plush

Your favorite Fluffy Xenomorph.

Since Xenomorphs adopt the physical characteristics of their hosts, we have to assume this little guy developed inside a bunny rabbit or something equally adorable. Maybe it’s part of a plot on the part of the aliens to get us to take them in because they know that things with oversized heads and tiny bodies make humans’ prefrontal cortex reward areas light up. All we know is that we want to snuggle our new favorite chibi alien. His inner mouth (which shoots out when you hug him) sounds like nothing so much as the clack of the Hungry Hungry Hippos board or perhaps an Alien Pez dispenser (“You get an embryo, and you get an embryo, and YOU get an embryo!”). His oversized head on his shiny black, stubby body looks so adorably unlikely, Very Cute and super Awesome


Where From? Amazon. How Much $60

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